Quality Management

Our quality policy includes perfectionism, maximization of customer satisfaction, competitiveness, and social responsibility. Within this scope, our company is based on standards of low-cost, efficiency, and consistency of high quality medical products’ production through full compliance with the legislation. In addition, our company is;
  • Internalizing a total quality management model that targets continuous improvement in the system.
  • Based on national and international standards and legislation while supplying products and services.
  • Attaching importance to consistent in-service training and keeping employees' satisfaction at a high level.
  • Aiming at following technology and new production techniques closely and increasing productivity while improving quality by using the newest techniques and technologies in production.
Our products have 93/42/EEC and EN ISO 13485: 2016 Quality Management System certificates. The raw materials that make up the inputs of our products, have certifications that fulfill international quality standards, and test reports that are approved by internationally recognized laboratories.